Heat Treating Services


Tru Grit has a new shop with state of the art equipment that is run by knifemaker Jeff Mutz. With over 16 years of heat treating and knifemaking experience, Jeff is here to help you with all your questions and knifemaking needs.

   Jeff grinds all of our blade blanks by hand and fills many custom orders for our customers own designs.

   Jeff has done extensive testing on many knife steels and has worked with other well known knifemakers to learn the best heat treating methods to make your knife perform the task you need it to.

   Being a knifemaker himself, Jeff has answers to many of your questions about knives and knifemaking products.

   If you have questions or need blades heat treated or custom made please contact us and we’ll do our best to take care of your needs.

    We can heat treat any steel up to 27 inches in length. 


  • Heat Treating & Tempering 1-9 Blades
    $10.00 Each
  • Heat Treating & Tempering 10-19 Blades
    $8.00 Each
  • Heat Treating & Tempering 20-Up Blades
    $6.00 Each
  • Deep Cryogenic Tempering
    Add $4.00 Each
  • Normalizing & Annealing
    Add $4.00 Each
  • Foil Wrap Heat Treating
    Add $2.00 Each

   If you would like to have us heat treat your blades please send them to:

Tru Grit Abrasives Inc.
Attn: Jeff
760 East Francis Street
Suite N
Ontario, CA 91761

   Please include your contact information, type of steel and desired Rockwell hardness. Turn around time is 2-9 days and we will contact you when your blades are finished for payment information. Jeff is happy to address any questions or concerns you may have about your heat treating needs.